XION integration with the Band protocol: Overview

3 min readFeb 5, 2024


Band Protocol has successfully woven XION into its technological tapestry, ushering in an era of swift data retrievals, seamless blockchain interoperability, and tailor-made data streams. This collaboration empowers XION’s developers to leverage trustworthy on-chain data, paving the way for the creation of cutting-edge applications with the potential to captivate a broad audience.

Exploring Band and XION

At its core, Band Protocol emerges as a trailblazing decentralized oracle network, boasting over $10 million in fundraising achievements, with support from industry titans like Binance Labs and Sequoia. It’s crafted to effortlessly meld authentic, high-quality real-world data with smart contracts, eliminating dependence on any singular failure points. Developers find in Band a treasure trove of customizable data feeds, oracle scripts, and the innovative verifiable randomness function (VRF), enriching the development landscape on XION. XION stands out as a bespoke layer-one blockchain, engineered from the ground up with consumer applications in mind, embedding user experience (UX) principles directly into its protocol. Its Generalized Abstraction Layer transcends the usual barriers, making Web3 applications a breeze for mainstream audiences and bridging the daunting gap between complex blockchain technologies and everyday users.

Fueling Development on XION

The synergy between Band Protocol and XION lights a beacon for developers, granting them access to Band’s decentralized, accurate price feeds. This collaboration is instrumental in crafting applications that are not only innovative but also user-centric, highlighted by Band’s EUR price feed which aligns perfectly with XION’s focus on local currency real-time pricing, thereby expanding the allure of Web3 applications to a wider audience. This initiative is just the beginning, with potential expansions into additional fiat price feeds set to catapult XION’s reach onto the global stage.

With Band Protocol’s data solutions now integrated into XION, developers intent on demystifying blockchain for the masses find a fertile ground. XION, with its laser focus on exceptional user experiences, combined with Band’s sophisticated data feeds, offers a solid foundation for building secure, globally appealing, and user-friendly applications. This positions XION as an attractive platform for developers aiming to revolutionize consumer-centric Web3 applications and connect with a broader, more varied audience.

Fostering Ongoing Innovation

XION is currently the stage for the ABSTRACTATHON, its inaugural online hackathon. Band Protocol stars as the hackathon’s official oracle solution, presenting developers with a golden opportunity to dive deep into Band’s offerings. Developers eager to weave Band’s data feeds into their XION ventures are provided with comprehensive guides, with an open invitation to partake in the ABSTRACTATHON.

Apply here: https://dorahacks.io/hackathon/abstractathon/detail

Moreover, the ongoing efforts to integrate Band’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF) promise to broaden the horizon for XION’s developers even further. Through its Generalized Abstraction and robust integrations, XION remains at the forefront, carving out pathways for developers to create unparalleled, consumer-friendly applications that stand out in the digital age.


Burnt is a core contributor to XION, the first modular Generalized Abstraction layer purpose built for consumer adoption. Through protocol-level implementations related to abstracted accounts, signatures, fees, interoperability, and more, XION enables secure, intuitive, and seamless user experiences. Burnt believes everyone, regardless of technical knowledge, should be able to have the same access to true ownership. Burnt has raised over $11M from top-tier investors including Animoca, Circle, Multicoin, Spartan, HashKey, and more.

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