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The Acurast Ambassador Program launches as an exciting initiative for 2024, aiming to unite a select group of 8 ambassadors worldwide. These ambassadors will represent Acurast by engaging in various activities such as speaking at conferences, organizing meetups, fulfilling quests, and participating in exclusive events. This program is an opportunity for passionate individuals to lead regional efforts, expand community outreach, and drive the adoption of Acurast’s decentralized cloud solutions.

Application Process

Applications for the Acurast Ambassador Program open on February 2nd and close on February 14th, or upon receiving 1000 submissions. The selection process includes a simple verification, submission of an application form, and an onboarding test. Prospective ambassadors must provide detailed information about their involvement with Acurast, social media platforms, professional background, and task preferences. Only one submission per applicant is allowed to ensure fairness.

Selection Process

The selection process emphasizes the verification of applicants and assessment of their compatibility with Acurast’s mission. It seeks individuals skilled in various domains, such as marketing, community management, writing, coding, and more. Selected ambassadors will be from diverse regions, maintaining close contact with the Acurast team through Discord and ambassador calls.

Tasks and Responsibilities

Ambassadors are expected to commit at least 2 hours weekly to Acurast-related activities. These include educating and growing the community, supporting new user onboarding, developing content across mediums, translating content, ensuring Acurast’s accurate representation on social media, and providing feedback on protocol functionalities.


Ambassadors will receive tasks tailored to their skills, with rewards in Acurast tokens based on task difficulty and quality. Details on rewards and specific tasks will be clarified post-selection.

Future Plans

The program aims to expand, including bringing ambassadors to Acurast-sponsored events and specifying additional tasks. This initiative is pivotal for those passionate about decentralization and eager to contribute to the transformative goals of Acurast.

How to apply

Your Opportunity Awaits! If you’re passionate about disrupting the cloud monopoly with decentralized solutions and possess the skills to foster community growth, apply now to become an Acurast Ambassador!
Apply here

Oficial Links

Website | Twitter | Discord

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